FishStat Pro is the fishing and hunting logbook software

FishStat Pro is the fishing and hunting logbook software designed with the end user in mind. It is guaranteed to be the easiest and most powerful program available on the market or your money back.

What good is a program that requires cumbersome data entry in several different areas just for one trip? FishStat Pro has one entry screen and the average record can be entered in just 5 minutes.

The secret to the ease and power of FishStat Pro is FileMaker Pro 3.0 from the Claris Corporation. For those familiar with FileMaker Pro, nothing more needs to be said, for the rest, it is a highly regarded database with many functions. Its greatest function is its easy to use format. Please refer to the button regarding FileMaker Pro features for more information.

If you are an angler or hunter who takes your sport seriously and wants to improve your success or just wants to sit back and reminisce about past trips you owe it to your self to check out the most powerful logbook software on the market guaranteed!